Air conditioning is a must in Florida, we nearly use it all year long. 

What some places consider a luxury, we consider it a necessity! From a simple recharge to complete system replacement, we do it all.

JB Auto Works has all the necessary equipment to safely, and legally service your air conditioning system.  Expect an honest, transparent, and accurate  assessment each time.

Don’t sweat the cost! Often we find customers to be anxious of the cost following an AC problem. We work with a select number suppliers to provide high quality parts at exceptional prices, and our technicians are trained to get the job done efficiently following manufacturer procedures.

We can repair any air conditioning systems failure

Not having cold air is certainly a problem, but your system can exhibit other symptoms as well. All of which we can fix for you!

  • Odors
  • No air flow from vents
  • Fan not working on all speeds
  • Air flow stuck on defrost
  • Temperature not changing
  • Noises
  • Rear AC Problems (SUVs/Vans)
  • Clogged Drain
  • Etc.

When completed, all systems are charged to factory specification, extensively inspected, leak tested, and performance tested to ensure quality control.

And don’t forget, we can also repair your heater!

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Closed Saturday and Sunday

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