Your vehicle is one of the biggest and most important investments that you’ll make. To ensure reliable transportation and prolonged life, fluid changes are imperative.

Clean oil and oil filters are essential in maintaining healthy engine, transmission, and drive train components. Oil lubricates the multitude of moving parts within your vehicle, allowing it to run smoothly. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes gummy or watery, and doesn’t work as well. If left unchanged, old oil can cause expensive and inconvenient engine problems.

Engine oil is the most frequently required to be changed. However, all types of oil and filters need to be changed in specific intervals including:

Oil helps lubricate and cool the various parts of your vehicle, while reducing friction and wear. Without the cleaning power of new oil, carbon and particle buildup become toxic. This is why we recommend that you follow the interval as suggested by your manufacturer. Getting regular oil and filter changes is a small price to pay to avoid expensive component repair or breakdown.

Benefits of oil changes include:

  • Improves Gas Mileage: Your cars moving parts create friction and slow your vehicle down. Replacing dirty oil with cleaner oil reduces friction, meaning there is less resistance while driving, allowing you to get a few extra miles per gallon.
  • Reduces Emissions: All automobiles produce pollution. You can reduce the harm you do to the environment by getting your oil changed regularly, as clean oil doesn’t burn.
  • Prevents Sludge Buildup: As oil runs through your car, it accumulates debris and dirt particles. While your filters are designed to prevent sludge from entering your engine, some particles will slip through. Clean oil and oil filters keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Improved Performance: A well-lubricated vehicle allows you to experience a smooth ride while driving. Oil changes reduce friction in your engine, transmission, and drive train  so clean oil provides the smoothest ride possible.
  • Preserves Component Life: You can add years to your vehicle’s life with regular oil and filter changes. Maintaining a well-lubricated, cleanly filtered engine will ensure you get the most out of your vehicle–from gas mileage and performance to longevity of life.

At JB Auto Works we always use the factory approved fluids for all your vehicles components. Grade, color, and specification are imperative for functionality and longevity.

We can discuss with you the specific fluid replacement intervals (date and mileage) that are recommended by the manufacturer. Certain driving conditions will break down fluid faster and will require replacement more frequently.

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