Power Windows

Power windows are made up of a number of components including motors, tracks (AKA Regulator), wiring, switches, and Relays. Today’s power windows can even be computer controlled.

Side windows are one of the most active parts on your vehicle and can wear down fast. You may have experienced a common failure if your window fell into the bottom of the door and a grinding/crackling noise can be heard when pressing the switch. We understand the frustration of having a window stuck up or down. Come see us to get this issue resolved today.

Common power window issues include:

  • Window off track
  • Malfunctioning Switches
  • Window will not go up
  • Window will not go down
  • Stuck glass
  • Slow moving up or down
  • Intermittent functionality
  • Grinding/Banging noises

We service and replace all power window components including:

  • Electric motors
  • Window Regulators/Tracks
  • Window Switches
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Relays and Modules

Power Door Locks

Power door locks are another frequently operated component in your vehicle. The locks can be powered by a small motor called an actuator, or the lock can be built into the door latch itself. Power door locks can exhibit these common issues:

  • Slow locking or unlocking levers
  • Grinding noises
  • Intermittent operation
  • Switch or remote button malfunction
  • Jamming
  • Locks not working at all

Regardless of the problem, the pros here at JB Auto Works will quickly and accurately diagnose the root cause of the malfunction and get you back up and running safely and efficiently.

We also service power mirrors, power lift gates, and power sliding doors.

When we fix any of the power operated features in your vehicle, it will function exactly how it’s supposed to, guaranteed. We only use high quality replacement parts with a 2 year warranty.

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