Safety Inspections

It is common to not think about your vehicles safety issue until a problem arises. Unfortunately, by that time the problem can develop into something much more dangerous and costly to repair.

Florida does not require periodic vehicle inspections, making it even more important for you to schedule a check up at least every six months.

Before any road trip we always suggest bringing in your vehicle to us to ensure you will have a trouble free ride. There is nothing worse than being far from home, stuck on the side of the road!

Used / New Car Inspections

Buying a pre-owned vehicle can be a stressful process, even more so without any previous service records. Documents like Car Fax can be helpful, but they do not list all repairs and it does not ensure the vehicle is safe to be driven now.

Spotting the problems before you purchase can save you much money and aggravation. You can use these problems as bargaining power on the price, or if they are too extensive or costly you can continue your search!

Regardless if purchasing from a dealer or private party, they must allow you to take the vehicle to a mechanic of your choice for an unbiased assessment. If they won’t, don’t buy it!

The Process

Your vehicle will get an itemized 50 point safety inspection from the technician in which you will receive a copy of. We always take it a few steps farther and treat this vehicle as if it were for our own family member. The process is typically as follows:

We look forward to helping you arrive safely on your next road trip, or assisting on your next vehicle purchase!

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